LuccaNews.Org is a local, non-commercial, web-only social media site designed to serve Lucca’s expat/international resident community. Founded by Sandy Brown and Diana Stidl and a purely voluntary, non-commercial organization, LuccaNews.Org aggregates accurate and timely information from within Lucca’s local and expat communities and shares it with the larger English-speaking expat audience. No paid advertising is accepted and LuccaNews.Org does not allow receipt of any goods or services in return for its coverage. The domain name ‘LuccaNews.Org’ is registered in the US, the site is hosted in the US on the servers of WordPress.com, a subsidiary of the US company Automattic, and it observes all applicable US laws and regulations.

Using an open-source model with a cadre of knowledgeable correspondents, LuccaNews.Org operates with a light editorial hand. LuccaNews.Org does not participate in gossip or chatter, but attempts always to follow the journalistic standards of truth, loyalty to the needs of the community, independent verification of facts, and independence of viewpoint, with any biases or personal interests stated up front. The correspondents function as the governing body and all contributions of time or content are made on a purely voluntary basis. For additional information, contact us using the form below.

Founder Sandy Brown is an American living in Lucca who writes walking guidebooks for treks in Europe and the US. Learn more at sandybrownbooks.com

Theresa Elliott likes precision and is now applying that inclination as editor of LuccaNews. She is also a regular contributing author. See her articles about moving to Italy here.

Events Reseach Team

As they say, it takes a village. Events are a way of life in Lucca, and our dedicated group works to keep you in the know: Diana Stidl, Theresa Elliott, JoAn Shear Ferguson and Zadia Lenders. (Photo coming soon.)

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