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Provincial Center for Adult Education, or CPIA of Lucca, is a state public school dedicated to adult education.

Location: Province Centre for Adults (Lucca Campus), Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 244, 55100 Lucca 

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Phone: 0583 329399

Koinè Center

Koinè Center offers a unique approach to Italian language learning. Flexible, varied, and effective, our classes and afternoon cultural activities are specifically designed to teach Italian in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

Location: Via dei Tabacchi, 5, 55100 Lucca

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Phone: 0583 316213

Lucca Italian School

Language classes (group or private) or combined classes and cultural activities (cooking, cinema, etc.) offered year-round.

Location: Via dei Bacchettoni, 25, 55100 Lucca

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Phone: 0583 490902

Melting Pot

Melting Pot Lucca is a language and culture school, where we teach English as a Second Language and Italian For Foreigners. Together we will find the right class for you!

Location: Via San Marco, 21, 55100, Lucca

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Phone: 39 388 9318676

Online Resources

Google Translate

Google Translate is a service that translates text, documents and websites from one language into another. Download the app for fast access. Translate words and sentences through manual entry or cut and paste, audio gives clear pronunciation. Camera phones translate in real time simply by pointing the lens at print. Speak into the microphone for transcribed conversations. It’s your new best friend.

Link here

Coffee Break Italian

Three seasons, 40 episodes available in season one alone.  

Free through Apple Podcasts 

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Easy Italian News

Sharpen your skills by listening to and reading current newsworthy events.

Free and by subscription  

Web here


Online in-depth language translation with audio that lets you choose accents. Click here.


Fast conjugations. Click here

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