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Here are some of the businesses and services that Lucca expats love and are happy to recommend:

Caffe & Pasticceria

Momus Cafe & Pasticceria

Piazza Santa Maria 23, 55100 / 058 496470

Lucca has lots of cafes, but Momus is special for two reasons: 1) you can get scrambled eggs there and something like an American breakfast. 2) Momus makes its cornetti fresh every day. Lots of cafes have their pastries shipped in from bakeries, so it’s nice to eat at the source, rather than someplace that’s just an outlet.

Eat inside or out. Outside brings a small cover charge. Open 7 days a week and holidays. Daniele, the owner, speaks some English, and you can practice your Italian on servers Andrea, Sandy, Sonya and Giulia. Recommended by Sandy Brown

New! Pasticceria Momus, Sant’Anna

Via Viaccia, 10, Lucca, 55100

All the attributes of the original, just outside the walls in the Sant’Anna neighborhood. Large indoor seating as well as two covered outdoor areas, Daniele is also offering aperitivo at this new shop. Recommended by Theresa Elliott.

H&G Coffee Lounge

 Via San Giorgio 36 / 058 3995470


 Delicious food (i.e. pancakes, bacon and eggs, avocado toast, eggs benedict, home made cakes and pies) and a large variety of coffees, teas and cocktails. Beautiful, elegant ambience. The US/Italian owners are lovely. They have a library of English books to read.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl


Da Ciacco

Piazza Napoleone, 10 / 058 3570444

Specializes in fresh, fabulous panini, with good wines by the glass. They expanded their seating area to be very comfortable.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Rick Anderson


Via Elisa, 37 / 392 9290530

Great owners, fresh products, delicious food (Ukrainian, Italian), nice music and relaxing atmosphere. Rare choice of wines, English speaking wine tastings. People say they have the best hamburger in town. 

Good English ~ Recommended by: Tatiana

Vinarkià della Pavona

 Via Fillungo 188 / 058 315 25357

Vinarkià has a great selection of wines as you would expect from a Vineria. But the pleasant surprise is the delicious craft cocktails made by Nicola and Eduardo. Their menu includes nice cheese & meat plates, soups, sandwiches, Tordelli, and usually a few specials. They use very high quality in their drinks and food. Best part is the friendly atmosphere created by Rebecca and Nicola. Tables are hard to come by on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays – reservations are a must. I usually send a reservation request via WhatsApp anytime I’m planning to come. See you there!

Good English ~ Recommended by: JoAn Ferguson

Wine Stores

Da Pasquale Lucca

 via del Moro, 8 Lucca / 39 0583 49 6506

Known for his fabulous restaurant and extensive knowledge of wines, Pasquale has opened an online wine shop which delivers to your door here in Lucca! See web site here

Recommended by Theresa Elliott


Etta’s Bookshop

Via Chiasso Barletti 16 / 346 1819887

Etta’s bookshop is a wonderful bookshop that carries a huge variety of English books and gifts. It is named after the owner Giulia Rontani’s cat. Giulia can special order most books. Giulia also offers delivery.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl

Physical Therapist

Marco Collodi, Dottore in Fisoterapia – Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapist

347 2265729

Marco is a great physical therapist that comes to your house, or you can go to a center that he works at. He came to my house 3 days a week following a total knee replacement. He’s professional, punctual, and friendly. He is near-fluent in English.

Good English ~ Recommended by: JoAn Ferguson

 DR.SSA Sherri S. Terebish Fisioterapista,

Via Elisa, Lucca. 351-6532818

Very professional, experienced and supportive physiotherapist, using global techniques to address not only the immediate problem but also the source of pain/movement issues. Sherri is dedicated to helping patients and I highly recommend. Convenient studio location and responsive by text. Speaks fluent English, Hebrew and Italian. Charges 70 euros an hour. The therapy is somewhat active (vs. passive massage) in that as a patient you will be required to participate in the physical rehabilitation.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Lorraine Tweddle

Massage Therapy

Marta Sandi, Massage Therapist

Two locations: Via Romana 615/R, Lucca & Via Della chiesa 54, Marlia.

338 1928384 / marta_sandy@yahoo.it

Marta is a wonderful massage therapist. She does house calls upon request. She is located at Via Romana 615/R in Marlia.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl

Art Classes

Art Ehi, Sarah Hayes

Via San Giorgio 87 / 333 2747507, https://www.facebook.com/artinlucca

Sarah Hayes offers private, fun art and photography classes for adults and children. Art Ehi is a community space, run by Sarah Hayes, in which art is the core. Sarah is an Australian artist specialized in art installations, with knowledge, training and experience in the Montessori method and teaching. At Art Ehi, kids of all ages, as well as adults, communicate with each other by exploring art. Supplies are provided by the art studio.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl


Electronic Mania

Via V. Veneto, 26, 55100 / 058 3312155

Great shop to assist with all things wifi , tv , phone etc. 
Antonio is amazing and will come in and fix the wifi , set up your plan and ensure you are on a good plan. 
Good English ~ Recommended by: Liza Dwyer

New Electronic

Via Vittorio Veneto 26 / 351 9000908

393 986 2149

In-store shopping

For all your electronic needs – cell phones, wifi etc. Superb service from Antonio and he will come to your home if you have wifi / router issues. I highly recommend Antonio’s services and expertise.

Antonio speaks excellent English and he is knowledgeable and obliging regarding all electronic issues.

Excellent English ~ Recommended by:  Barbara Jackiewicz


Wioletta Kowalska yoga

https://wiolettakowalska.com / 347 9573742

Facebook @WiolettaKowalskaYoga

 Wioletta is a Yoga teacher, holistic operator-massage.

As an foreigner myself here in Lucca, I was looking for a yin yoga class and I quickly found Wioletta’s yoga classes and started practicing straight away.  
I like very much Wioletta’s commitment, professionalism, enthusiasm and spirit. 
She offers different types of yogaclasses such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, slow flow, Yoga Nidra in various studios in Lucca.
Also, she organizes regularly longer session (90min yin yoga) or dedicated weekend such as yoga and trekking, meditation weekend, open air yoga session and so on. I appreciate a lot her initiatives and various approach. 
For any outsider, foreigner or italian I highly recommend Wioletta’s Kowalska classes. Professional and friendly atmosphere

Good English ~ Recommended by: Valerie Chaperon Giusti


The Tuscan Wanderer

Giovanni and Loreal Palmieri / 366 4162266


The Tuscan Wanderer is highly recommended for doing the best small group, private tours all over Tuscany and Naples. The tours are custom made and personalised to each customers interest. Giovanni also offers wine tasting tours and airport pick up to/from Florence, Pisa and Milan. The van has room for up to 7 people

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl

Hair Stylists

Sayyida Walaji

392 3510725

Sayyida is the hair dresser of most expats in Lucca. She works out of her home near Capannori. She used to work for Tony&Guy salons in England. Her cutting technique is the best, especially for short hair. Have your hair washed before you go.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl

Handyman Service

Neil Stoddart Handyman Services

Neil Stoddart Handymen Service

754 6403326

Good English ~ Recommend by: Mia Muccigrosso

Neil Stoddart is the preferred handyman of many expats in Lucca. He is on time, efficient, calm and reasonably priced. He provides high quality work.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Diana Stidl

Relocation / Translation Services

Tony Sardi

327 7987072

Tony has been a godsend! I started chatting with him one year before I left the states. He has since helped me with the translation of my legal documents to helping get my residency, Permesso Di Soggiorno, Tessera Sanitaria and my green pass. His wife Ilaria assisted me in getting my Codice Fiscale when I first arrived and she has also helped friends of mine at Doctor appointments. They are a great team and I highly recommend him for all of you relocation/translation needs.

Maria Antonietta Ferro ~ Official Translator

www.ferrotraduzioni.it /  mariatof@gmail.com / 347 4494834 

 A court certified translator in English, German, French and Spanish.

Provides sworn and certified translations of official documents.

Very fast and efficient service.

Good English ~ Recommended by: Jenny Anne Lantschner


Dott.ssa Ilaria Mari, Veterinario a domicilio Lucca (Vet@Home)

Dott.ssa Ilaria Mari, Veterinario a domicilio Lucca (Vet@Home)  http://veterinariadomicilio.it / Facebook: Veterinario a domicilio Lucca

347 5538850

Thanks to a suggestion from our new friend, Tom England, we recently contacted Dott.ssa Ilaria Mari to arrange a general check up for our twelve year old dog, Malibu… right at our apartment.

Dott.ssa Ilaria responded to our call in 15 minutes. A few days later, she came and performed a general exam, right on our kitchen counter, took samples, and promptly texted results to us the following afternoon. She also suggested a new treatment for our dog’s chronic ear infections and returned to administer it.

Dott.ssa Ilaria is capable, pleasant, and speaks some English, which is helpful to clients with beginner Italian skills. Also, while she doesn’t provide “Pet Passports,” she gave us the contact info we’ll need to arrange for the passport exam.

If you’re looking for a good vet, especially one who makes house calls, we recommend you contact Dott.ssa Ilaria Mari, 

This veterinarian is available for several services to Lucca Centro residents, including house calls, general exams, lab testing, vaccinations, non-urgent care, therapy, and prescriptions. Cash payment requested at appointment. Available by reservation for appointments between 8 AM and 8 PM.  

Some English Spoken ~ Recommended by: Malibu & Linda Slattery

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