Thanks to our first week’s contributors and readers LuccaNews.Org has had over 2000 website views

What an amazing week at LuccaNews.Org. Last weekend the site was built. On Monday we went live. On Tuesday we had our first of two orientation meetings and posted for the first time to Facebook. On Wednesday we published our first blog posts by a volunteer contributor. Total it all up and we’ve had 2300 website hits so far. Fantastic!

Time to say some thank you’s to people who helped in the first week!

LuccaNews.Org website views in our first week.

Our most frequent contributor is (no surprise) Diana Stidl (Trujillo) who posted this week about the Via delle Erbe and dei Fiori event, plus covid guideline changes……Thanks to Tom England for a super post, Thomas England’s list of the 9 most important web links for Lucca expats…… Thanks too to Bill Plunkett for a fabulous article on Mosquitoes, what are they good for… Next it’s thanks to Ilene Blessing Modica for Bucellato bread of Lucca post. I went right out and bought some! ….. Thanks to Navil Noor for his very informative and well-illustrated post on Best things to do in a day trip to Viareggio.

There’s a bunch happening behind the scenes, too. You’ll see new images from Cher Sandmire and Tom England in the coming days. You’ll see more posts from Tom this week, as well as new series from Theresa Elliott (my wife) about her January trip back and forth between Lucca and Seattle.

I think I can speak for Diana when I say this is just what we were hoping for when we dreamt up LuccaNews.Org. At the heart of it is a desire to build community in our new hometown. Thanks to everyone whose contributions are making that very thing happen. –Sandy Brown

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  1. Grazie a tutti per i vostri sforzi. Amiamo Lucca! 🇮🇹😘🇮🇹
    (And…thanks for giving me the opportunity to practice my Italian with you. 😉)

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