Piazza Talk – A coastal walk in Lerici and life in a Tuscan farmhouse

Lerici is a small town near Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast on the Gulf of La Spezia also know as The Golfo dei Poeti. On a sunny day in the off season soaking up the sun is pure heaven, it is easy to understand why this spot was so beloved by writers, poets and artists. Shelley met his tragic end here at the age of 29. This is really like a little Amalfi coast and under an hour from Lucca city. A relaxing calm walk by the sea has been in contrast to our simple but busy life in our farmhouse in Tuscany. We have been rushing to finishing the olive tree pruning and also other trees. Spring is always a rush against time to get everything ready for our rental season but this year it was made more of a challenge by an unexpected snow fall. The cherry blossom was quite surreal against the backdrop of snow. Please come to the beautiful Ligurian coast and into our olive grove with us. We would so appreciate a comment. Thank you to our subscribers who make the late nights worth while.

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