How to get your ZTL Parking Permit for Lucca

Do you live inside the walls and would you like to park near your home? That requires a ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato – Limited Traffic Zone) parking permit. Here’s how I got it.

For the most current info, go to this website for MOST current info and application. Hit permit button, not parking button.

Bring the following to the Metro office currently outside the wall. The application has the current address if changed. Note: The current address is a warehouse looking building under a bridge (almost) next to a car dealership. Look for a ticket queuing machine outside.

1- Complete the Application for resident option A – (ZTL, B and C) – downloaded from the website.

If you have any questions on any fields, leave it blank and the clerk will help you. 

2- Copy of passport (I used valid US Passport). Bring residency card (permesso), however do not think he asked for it.

3- Copy of driver’s license (I used my California License. They asked for an International DL. I did not have so they ignored it.

4- Copy of registered residence lease or home ownership docs. The permit is good for as long as your lease. 

5- If car is leased or financed, you need to share that info. They asked if I paid by cc which I did as long as it wasn’tAMEX.

6- Copy of car registration (both sides)

7- €16 stamp from tabacceria

8- Your parking fee – see table on application from website. Cash or cc accepted.

They give you the permit to stick in your window immediately.

Again, review the website for any changes or updates to the process.

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