Did You Know? Numbers for Emergency Services

 Did you know…. that there are shortcuts to call for emergency services here in Lucca? Here’s a good list to keep both at home and on your phone. Print it out and post on your refrigerator.

112  for ANY EMERGENCY.  An operator will sort the call according to its urgency.

113  for POLICE

115  for the FIRE Brigade


Here’s a list of the ‘long version’ contact information: 


Carabinieri +39.05834751 

Italian State Police +39.05834551 

Italian State Road Police  +39.058350941                              

Italian State Railways Police +39.0583493008            

Municipal Police +39.0583442727      

Fire Department +39.0583430000 


Hospital of Lucca +39.05839701

Emergency Medical Service +39.0584616779

Emergency Veterinary 24h +39.05839701

Municipal Pharmacy 24h  +39.0583491398

Submitted by Christine Stava

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