Did You Know? Vintage, Used Clothing and Second Hand Stores

Did you know?…..There are several vintage and used clothing stores inside or just outside the walls of Lucca.


Mercatopoli — Buy, sell and shop online in this well organized thrift/consignment shop. You can find everything from a well displayed selection of shoes and clothing to art and home decor. In the Arancio area of Lucca at Via di Tempagnano, 180/a. Check out their store here.

Fat Mama Vintage —In-store shopping and select online shopping for vintage clothing. If you’re looking for jeans, they’re only sold in the store. (Sophia and Filippo are shown in their store in the featured photo.) Inside the walls, Via Chiasso Barletti, 15. Check it out here.

Reload Store — Small vintage clothing store inside the walls. Via della Fratta, 18.


If you’re looking for other things besides clothing there are a few second hand stores/flea markets you can check out. 

Mercatino Franchising Lucca San Concordio — A variety of used goods, including clothing. Rather large and rather organized, be prepared for a treasure hunt. Viale S. Concordio, 996/E.

Mercatino Dell’Usato —  A variety of used/old goods. Rather large and relatively loosely organized. Going here would be a good treasure hunt activity on a rainy day.  Via dell’Acquacalda, 192 . More information here.

Second Hand Items for Sale in Lucca —  Online only, a place to sell, buy, swap, request items, or assistance. Check our their FaceBook Page here.

Submitted by Christine Stava

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