LuccaNews.Org off to great start – 18 sign up on first day to contribute

Yesterday’s meeting at Lucca Coffee Lounge was a rousing start to the collaborative model for LuccaNews.Org. Fourteen people attended to ask questions and share their support, and then over the rest of the day a total of eighteen people signed up to help as collaborators and contributors.

Stats for our first day are also looking strong. After posting about the orientation and sign-up meeting, LuccaNews.Org’s site was visited over 700 times.

LuccaNews.Org was viewed nearly 800 times yesterday.

Over the course of the day, volunteers stepped forward for each of ten interest areas listed on the Join our team page.

An additional orientation/registration event will be scheduled on a Saturday morning in early March to catch people who want to be involved but couldn’t make yesterday afternoon’s meeting.

Interested in joining in the fun? Please use the Join our team page to share your interest with us. We’ll respond by email with some ideas and get you linked up to help build out this site to better serve our Lucca community of international residents.

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