A Truck For Ukraine – You are invited to help in an ongoing donation drive for Ukraine

Description of the initiative

There are 2 associations in Italy (GOOD GUYS and NON DOLET) that have a connection with the Ukrainian Government through a Member of the Italian Parliament. Thanks to this connection, there is the possibility to push items directly in the heart of Ukraine to help Ukrainian people that are in need.

These two associations are collecting items, specifically the items listed (see below) by the Ukrainian Representative. They have Pisa as a main collecting point and Tina Corsini and Bruno Calabria will deliver the items collected in Lucca.

The items are going to travel to Milan, where there is an Ukrainian truck, driven by an Ukrainian truck driver who is accounted for by the Ukrainian Government. The truck is going to deliver the items inside Ukraine to those that are most in need. Truck and truck driver are paid by the Ukrainian government. The two associations are going to pay on their own for the expenses of vans and gasoline to go from Pisa (San Giuliano Terme) to Milan.

The delivery is scheduled every to three weeks indefinitely (the date cannot be precise due to the lack of freedom of movement in the war zone), and it is an on-going process.

This is the English translation of the letter the Ukrainian Member of Parliament wrote to the Italian Member of the Chamber of Deputies:

Dear Honorable Mr. (name removed),

Since the night of 24th of February, Ukraine is under a full-scale attack of Russia. Ukraine is now bravely fighting the Russian occupiers, defending our homeland, and protecting the Ukrainian nation. Russian missiles and air strikes are targeted for civil zones. Russian Federation air forces uses cassette and non-controlling bombs. All this leads to destroying of homes, hospitals, and death of civilians. The invasion is ongoing from both East, South, and North, with heavy battles continuing in Kyiv. The Ukrainian cities are under shelling, with missiles often hitting civilian living quarters, and even functioning hospitals.

Having said that, we would like to kindly ask you to support the Ukrainian people, who are in immediate need of receiving proper and timely medical care, by supplying us with the humanitarian aid of medical purpose. In this regard, we ask you to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine according to the attached lists of required medicines and medical devices and other humanitarian cargo.

At the moment we have an available TIR truck in Italy ready to be loaded and transport the cargo to Ukraine as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Member of the Parliament of Ukraine



Rechargeable lamps, Flashlights, Batteries, Power Banks, Candles, Teapots, Thermoses for food 20 l, Lanterns (headlamps), Stitching thread, Blankets, pillows and bed linen, Sleeping bags, Travel mats, Balaclava, Knee pads,


Pasta, Wheat flour, dried fruit, Sugar, Tea, Coffee beans / ground, Salt, Nuts, Cocoa, Flour, Yeast, Baby food from 1+ and more months

Medical supplies

First aid kits, Hemostatic bandages, tourniquets, individual dressing package, , Perchlorethylene -1 t, Occlusive dressings, pressure bandages, Bandages (sterile, non-sterile, sterile wipes, elastic, tubular), Saline solution in plastic package, Chlorhexidine, Hydrogen peroxide, Iodine, Antibiotics (ceftriaxone), Panthenol, gel dressing for burns, Omeprazole / Pantoprezol / Ondasetron, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (analgin, ketanol, dexalgin), Immobilization splints, Rectal diazepam, Scissors

Coordination instructions:

Please coordinate delivery or pickup of donations with

Tina Corsini (WhatsApp) +1(310)8715901

Bruno Calabria (WhattsApp) +39(347)8332097

Cash donations:

IBAN: IT26K0503401688000000003086, Bank: Banco BPM S.P.A.

Intestato (payable to): NON DOLET APS

Causale (purpose): Aiuti Ucraina (Let’s help Ukraine)

Thank you!

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