Did You Know? Recycle in Lucca

Did you know….. that Lucca has a wonderful recycling system? Maybe you have individual bins for your building or complex or maybe you have your own personal bins that you are responsible for getting out on time and on the correct day. The five bins and what goes in them are listed below. The links at the bottom are the calendars for pickup depending on the part of the city you live in and include additional information about recycling or getting rid of bulky waste.

Brown (in securely fastened bag): leftover food, peels and scrapings, garden waste, dirty napkins. 

White: (no bag) paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, polystyrene, plastic-free paper boards.

Green: (no bag)glass bottles and jars

Yellow: (in securely fastened bag) plastic and aluminum

Gray: (in securely fastened bag) unsorted/other

PDF Brochures in English with additional information

Red Containers

Yellow Containers

Blue Containers

Uncertain where to throw waste?

Download the Junker App (Junker raccolta differenziata) ‘the only app that tells you how to dispose every single product!’

Need More?

For al kinds of information, contact Environmental Systems of Lucca (Sistema Ambiente of Lucca).

Submitted by Christine Stava

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