Did You Know? Language Schools in Lucca

Did you know ….. that there are a variety of ways to learn/improve/practice Italian here in Lucca? From cultural activities to the traditional classroom meetings there is something here for everyone.

The first three schools offer a wide variety of courses, many which are coupled with experiences such as photography, food, and cinema (just to name a few). Most of these schools offer courses which last 1 or 2 weeks with an individual or group option, but you must check their websites to see the scope of their offerings. The final school, CPIA, is a state sponsored school for which you must be a resident of Lucca.

Lucca Italian School

Language classes (group or private) or combined classes and cultural activities (cooking, cinema, etc.) offered year-round. 

Location: Via dei Bacchettoni, 25, 55100 Lucca

Koine Center

Koinè Center offers a unique approach to Italian language learning. Flexible, varied, and effective, our classes and afternoon cultural activities are specifically designed to teach Italian in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

Location: Via dei Tabacchi, 5, 55100 Lucca 

The Melting Pot

Melting Pot Lucca is a language and culture school, where we teach English as a Second Language and Italian For Foreigners. Together we will find the right class for you!

Location: Via San Marco, 21, 55100, Lucca

CPIA  (Centro Provincilale Istruzione Adulti) is a state public school which offers Pre-A1, A1 and A2 courses over 2 semesters. You must be a resident of Lucca to enroll.

Depending on the level, classes run 4-6 hrs/week and the cost is 20 euro/semester.  Classes start the week of October 16 – and run through early June. 

Location: Province Centre for Adults (Lucca Campus), Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 244, 55100 Lucca

For additional online resources, see our language resources page here.

Submitted by Christine Stava

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