Did You Know? Clothing Alterations & Repair

This is the first in the Did You Know series about clothing: repairs, alterations, dry cleaning and other services. Below are shops whose main service is repair and tailoring (sartoria.) In the next post we will cover lavanderia’s, dry cleaners who have an array of offerings which may also include repairs. 

Sartoria Karolina

  • Via San Giorgio, 48 (near H&G)
  • +39 0583 493278

All repairs, recommended for more complex alterations. Minimal English. Cash only. 

Sartoria Cuci

  • Via Michele Rosi, 40 (near Ali Baba)
  • +39 389 848 2222

Fast, cheap, easy jobs. Speaks Italian. Cash only.

Submitted by Theresa Elliott

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