Spotlight on an expat sidelight: Ilene’s ‘Send Out Cards’ service

By Ilene Blessing Modica (First in LuccaNews.Org’s series of expat sidelight businesses. Please contact us if you’d like to highlight your own sidelight)

We love staying in touch with family and friends, although some don’t use social media. So how do we approach this? We send cards. I’ve always been a card sender, just like my mom. It’s not always about a birthday or anniversary but a way to say I’m thinking about you or that I care. Perhaps it’s an acknowledgment of an achievement. Whatever the reason, it’s a way to show kindness and appreciation. Cards can be sent all over the world.

During COVID, we sent greeting cards (our Italian friends call them postcards) to just say, ‘Better Days are Coming.’ We included photos of them and us taken when we were visiting or from their Facebook or Instagram pages. The response has always been overwhelming. Appreciation for thinking about them and caring enough to send a card.

Now when here in Italy- the system even works better for us. Because the company is based in Salt Lake City, when I create and design a card from my computer or smartphone and send it, the order gets pulled the next day. It then gets printed, folded, addressed and stamped, and mailed the following day. At the cost of the current US stamp. I can even add a gift if I wish. For our grandchildren, it’s always a gift card for their birthday or Christmas. 

A few friends here in Lucca have tried the system and love it. Cards (2 panel, 3 panel, and flat cards) cost $2.75 plus a stamp. When friends visit Lucca, I save special photos and send them a card remembering their visit. It arrives a few days after they get back home and settled. It’s a great way to remember your trip rather than just showing photos on your phone. Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate and will make a few pennies with your transaction. Also there is a ‘Basic Account’ where you pay per card and there are subscription accounts for personal use (up to 1 card a day) and business use (up to 250 cards a day).

If you’re interested, contact me (you can hunt me down on Facebook or leave a comment below) and we can sit and create your first card together. It’s easy but sometimes better when someone shows you all you can do.

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  1. After two years of living in Lucca, I was missing my sister and best friend. I used Facebook to find some of my favorite pictures of us together and Ilene helped me make a card to send. My sister was thrilled to get this very personal and unexpected card for me. Thanks Ilene!

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