How to Buy Pasta Like an Italian

How do you choose which pasta to buy? Do you know the protein content of your pasta or are you eating pure carbs? What is the difference between smooth pasta and ridged pasta and is bronzed die pasta really better? Learn how to buy pasta and what to look for when choosing your packet in the supermarket. Is it worth paying more? Watch this video where Enzo uncovers all the secrets for buying the right packet of pasta and also explains the different production processes. Learn how to buy a packet of pasta, the important things an Italian housewives looks for and why you need to read the packet to make sure you are not just eating eating Carbs. You will be able to choose the best quality pasta and leave the bad one behind. For those outside Italy Enzo mentions brands that are available worldwide. Eating and buying the right pasta makes pasta a simple, cheap, healthy, and delicious gourmet dish.

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