Did You Know? Fair Trade Shop on the Wall

Did you know . . . there is a Fair Trade Shop right on the wall! Across the Baluardo San Colombano is Equinozio, a tiny shop offering such items as teas and coffees to pastas, insence, handicrafts, wine, and more. Though this shop is small, it is a member of Altromercato, the largest Fair Trade organization in Italy. Visit the shop, then visit their website to learn more about their organization and to find products you can order online.  As described on their website, they are a non-profit organization whose activities aim to:

  •  promote the culture of critical and responsible consumption for a sustainable future.
  • raise awareness of environmental issues and respect for workers.
  • make known the culture and products of fair trade
  • to educate, through information, to a fair world for all.
  • offer the new generations and not, the tools to move towards a sustainable lifestyle.

See their web site here.

Submitted by Christine Stava

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