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About 10% of the population of the municipality of Lucca is comprised of non-Italians, including several hundred citizens of English-speaking countries. With no daily, up to date, local, English language Internet site for receiving vital expatriate-oriented information, Lucca’s expat community is forced to fill its information needs through a confusing maze of spotty and inconsistent social media groups.

LuccaNews.Org is a local, web-only Internet news site/facebook page that offers information relevant to Lucca’s expat community. A purely voluntary, non-commercial organization, LuccaNews.Org aggregates accurate and timely information from within Lucca’s expat community and shares it with the larger English-speaking expat audience. The website/facebook page will be a centralized source of reliable information. Coverage will include:

  • Navigating local government offices including taxation, police, immigration, utilities, etc;
  • Information about public transportation routes, costs, closures, and changes;
  • Cultural information about theater, movies, art exhibits, and concerts;
  • Non-profit service opportunities, civic clubs, and religious communities;
  • Language resources, including language schools, interpreters, and bilingual local businesses;
  • How to plug into existing social and networking events that bring the expat community together;
  • Local opportunities for recreation, fitness, and travel;
  • English speaking service providers;
  • Market place (sell/buy/trade);
  • Bulletin board (looking for a ride, dog sitter etc.)

And this is where you come in. If you have a special field of interest (sports, art, local happenings etc.) and would like to share your knowledge with your expat community we would like you to get on board as a collaborator. You send us a link to an article useful for our expat community and we will add it to the website/facebook page the same day.

Using an open-source model with a cadre of knowledgeable correspondents, LuccaNews.Org will operate with a light editorial hand. LuccaNews.Org will never participate in gossip or character assassination, but will always follow the journalistic standards of truth, loyalty to the needs of the community, independent verification of facts, and independence of viewpoint with any biases or personal interests stated up front. The correspondents will function as the governing body and it is intended that all contributions of time are made on a purely voluntary basis.

By: Diana Stidl, co-founder

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