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As you walk the streets of Lucca be on the alert for posters that announce upcoming events. They are often the best (and sometimes the only) way to learn about exhibits & performances that may appeal to you.

I learned this during my first week of living in Piazza San Giusto, after moving here from Atlanta. While walking our dog one morning, I saw somebody attaching a poster on the door of the church in our Piazza. Of course I took a look and found that it was an announcement of an evening of gospel music—that night.

The singers were going to be a group of high school students from Detroit, on a multi-city tour of Europe. The opening act would be a group from Lucca, performing American gospel songs.

You will often see posters taped to the windows of shops, or grouped by the cashier in bars. Sometimes they can be huge, draped on the walls of buildings.

When the poster list multiple upcoming dates, it’s a good idea to photograph it for later reference. Also be on the lookout for collections of brochures, commonly found in coffee shops.

And, by the way, the evening of gospel in the church was fantastic.

Tom England lives, but does not work, in Lucca.

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